Work Packages And Deliverables

WP 1:  Project Management & Coordination
Deliverable 1.x.2    Project Meeting Reports        
Deliverable 1.x.3    Project Progress Reports        
Deliverable 1.x.4    Final Project Report        
Deliverable 1.x.5    Audit Reports        

WP 2: Project Communication & Dissemination
Deliverable 2.x.1    Project identity set 
Deliverable 2.x.2    Open days Activities
Deliverable 2.x.3    Workshops on the Decision Support System
Deliverable 2.x.4    Project’s website and mobile/tablet application    
Deliverable 2.x.5    Publications in scientific journals, participation in conferences

WP 3: Mapping and evaluating of Marine Protected Areas and Natura 2000 habitats
Deliverable 3.x.1    Habitat maps and worksheets including information on habitat structure (EBV) 
Deliverable 3.x.2    Questionnaires quantifying ESCVs (Essential Socio-economic and Cultural Variables)        
Deliverable 3.x.3    Interactive maps linking D 3.x.1 and D 3.x.2

WP 4: Enriching management toolbox with ecosystem connectivity based instruments
Deliverable 4.x.1    Functional traits database: TraitBank     
Deliverable 4.x.2    Report on environmental indicators related to genetic diversity of key species 
Deliverable 4.x.3    Workshops for training on the management toolbox

WP 5: Citizen Science initiative: Involving people in ecosystems restoration
Deliverable 5.x.1    Creation of best-practice-protocols of monitoring using citizens’ activities 
Deliverable 5.x.2    Training seminars for the citizen scientists prior to their involvement in the pilot project        
Deliverable 5.x.3    Web-based platform and mobile/tablet application for the citizens generated data        
Deliverable 5.x.4    Wiki page related to species information including information from D 4.x.1

WP6: Decision Support System (DSS) for the ecosystem management and sustainable development

Deliverable 6.x.1    Web-based platform for the Decision Support System
Deliverable 6.x.2    Handbook of management practices